Bruteforce Cracker for PROGRESS Encode Function

Decode is bruteforce cracker for PROGRESS built in Encode function. Attack is based on try all combination method. There is a Letters table from which are passwords assembled.

How it's work:
Always when you e.g. log to the system program calculate hash from given password and then compare this string with stored one. If it's the same output then you write correct password. Stored password are encrypted with one way Hash function therefore you can't decode back these passwords :-( Now you can with this utility test strength of encoded password. Maximal tested password length i set to 8 because some people was against releasing this cracker. I give them chance that when they set password length > 8 cracker can't decode it :-)

Read more in Readme.txt

We want crack this hash "akddccPifQlFubjc". Edit LTable.cfg and set your letters table from which will be password calculated e.g. "abcdefghijklmnoprstuvwz" or just keep original, edit PTable.cfg and put here our hash or more and run decode.exe. After some time you have password "abcd" which is original string. Cracking is still running until last password is found.

Screen Shot:

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Current version 1.3 (14.01.2003)

What's new:
Improved speed about 245,3%