PROGRESS R-code Decompiler - Recovery Service


Did you lost your original source code and you have only R-code copy? Here is possibility recover your source partially or completely back. About 60-100% information can be recovered from RCode. Now are supported all common PROGRESS version: v6, v7, v8, v9, v10 (32bit + 64bit) & v11. Source is not identical with original one. Decompiler isn't available for download and currently it's working as paid service.

Please remember that recovering of applications that you are not the lawful copyright holder is strictly prohibited. You may use this service to recover only your own applications for which you are the copyright holder.

- Price is about 10 EUR/~15 USD per file, but it depend on quantity.
- If you have more files there is discount and price get down (up to 1 EUR/2 USD per file for huge pack)

Contact and more informations at: darker (at) azet (dot) sk , please check you spam folder, I reply on each mail.

Screen Shot:

Compare decompiled vs original:

Download recovered example

Decompiler is NOT available for download (Paid service)
Current version 4.10 - (21.02.2017)

What's new:
Added ODBC link for v8
Added new statements: 1 (v11), 1 (v10), 1 (v9)
Updated statements: 1 (v11), 1 (v10), 1 (v9)
Fixed false alarm by checking variable names
Improved display of variable prefix
Some object types added
Better bracket processing
Some internal databases rewriten to collections (faster, easy work)
Fixed bug with displaying include files
Updated attributes to PROGRESS v11.6
a lot of improvements

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