Did you lose your original 4GL/ABL source code and you have only R-code copy? Here is possibility recover your source partially or completely back. About 60-100% information can be recovered from RCode. Now are supported all common PROGRESS version: v6, v7, v8, v9, v10 (32bit + 64bit), v11 & v12. Source is not identical with original one. Decompiler isn't available for download and currently it's working as paid service.

Please remember that recovering of applications that you are not the lawful copyright holder is strictly prohibited. You may use this service to recover only your own applications for which you are the copyright holder.

Progress Software Corporation does not endorse, approve or certify the information provided on this Website.


  • Price is about 10 EUR/~15 USD per file, but it depend on quantity
  • If you have more files there is discount and price get down (up to 1 EUR/2 USD per file for huge pack)

Contact and more informations at: Please add my mail address to your junk mail whitelist to ensure that our correspondence reaches you. If you have contacted us but not received a reply, check your junk mail folder first. I reply on each email.


Compare decompiled vs original:

Download recovered example 31 KB (zip)

Decompiler is NOT available for download (paid service)

Current version 2022.9 - (02.09.2022)

What's new in this release:


  • Finally added better WHERE processing (still little unstable but results are great)
  • Added table label description (V12, V11, V10, V9)
  • Added EXTENT info to some field cases
  • Added recovering INITIAL, COLUMN-LABEL and HELP property of the TEMP-TABLE fields (v10, v11, v12)
  • Added recovering table names for OPEN QUERY
  • Added new expressions: 1 (V11/V12), 2 (V10), 9 (V10_64),1 (V9)
  • Use simple class type name in recovered output (without dll, version, token) Not all cases!
  • Header now contains real source compile path if available
  • Recovered file name now contains also real source extension
  • Recovery real field names in some special cases just from rcode (v12)
  • Added internal INDEX processing
  • Added INPUT FRAME recovery
  • Show hidden local variables in debug mode
  • Added more output information in debug mode
  • Expression databases joined to one file
  • Added better comments to Expression databases (also missing opcodes)
  • Added new settings - "Add decompiler header to output", "Save only one main source"
  • Application is now DPI-aware and will not be automatically scaled by Windows at higher DPIs
  • Added new type message type to logs (WARNING) + new highlighting of system messages


  • Updated HexViewer to v1.31 (small fixes, dark theme tweaks)
  • Updated V12 attributes to PROGRESS v12.4
  • Better class attributes processing (V11, V12)
  • Removed "dataserver schema" info (duplicity information), joined to table information
  • Updated PROGRESS Decompiler Addon - DB Dump utility (CRLF -> LF output)
  • Updated PROGRESS Decompiler Addon - Df2Dbf v2.20 (default LF output, support drag & drop files)
  • Variable additional notes are now displayed only in initial information files (not in base source files)
  • Colorize some blocks with same color for higher readability
  • Heavy refactoring on PROGRESS Decompiler source code (naming convention)
  • Removed setting - "Local date of compilation (GMT/UTC)"
  • Brackets color is now more contrasting
  • Started release with Calendar Versioning (4.70 -> 2022.9)


  • Close database files (dumps) after read
  • Try log multiline message as one long line message
  • Fixed time in file browser (create time was used)
  • Fixed Indent setting (was fixed 4)
  • Fixed search behavior

See whole history 18 KB (txt)

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