VB6 Data Environment File Parser

Program can parse VB6 Data Environment source files (.dsr) into more readable text files. Main use of this app is for synchronizing changes between programmers that work on same DE file and you need after merge changes. Original VB6 DE files can't be compared because they store "Selects" in another file and also in binary form. So this tool can help you generate files that can be easy compared. App can also parse Form files (*.frm). It support text stored in Text, RichTextBox and Label objects.

How it works:
Program scan both *.dsr and *.dsx files and create output *.dep file. Output file has simple format for easy comparing. There is also option for inserting ID and % position marks to output file. As you know VB6 doesn't sort Data Environment tree, so if you have a lot of items it's problem to find right item in tree. For this you can use % position information and just move with scrollbar to desired % position and you search approach can be faster. Useful in case that DE contains 100+ items. Command line and Drag and Drop files is supported.

Read more in Readme.txt !

Screen Shot:

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Current version 1.10 (15.11.2010)

What's new:
Added support for text stored in form files
Drag and Drop is moved to Text box