DB Dumper (Database extractor)

DB Dumper can extract defined tables from various DBs to external file. It uses ODBC driver to connect and work with DBs. So you can theoretically use it with any database. (For correct work you must have right ODBC driver of course) The main purpose of this program was migrate some data between PROGRESS and other databases.

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Example 1:
Extract data from Delphi Interbase database to text file.

Database: Delphi Interbase (Example is attached)
ODBC Driver: XTG Systems InterBase6 ODBC Driver for Win32 1.0.0 beta 17-pre3 (Installation is attached)
Download Example1

Example 2:
Extract data from PROGRESS database to text file.

Database: PROGRESS 9.1D
ODBC Driver: DataDirect 4.1 SQL92 ODBC
Download Example2

Example 3:
Extract data from Microsoft Access MDB Database to text file.

Database: .mdb file
ODBC Driver: Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)
Download Example3

Example 4:
Extract BLOB data from SQL server to files with unique names taken from some database field.

Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Driver: SQL Native Client
Download Example4

Screen Shot:

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(Only main program without examples)
Current version 1.30 - (26.06.2012)

What's new:
Add: WHERE condition parameter