Free PROGRESS Editor & Source Code Viewer

Piew is free PROGRESS editor and source code viewer for Windows with some basic and additional features that support syntax highlighting. Why another editor? Sometime you don't want load whole PROGRESS environment just for small change, for source viewing or maybe you want use some features that are not available in basic PROGRESS editor.

- basic editor functions
- tabbed interface (multiple opened files at one time)
- syntax highlighting for PROGRESS, HTML, XML files (comments, numbers, keywords, strings)
- highlight occurrence of double-clicked word or define your own string in document
- auto case keywords (lower, UPPER, Title)
- auto complete
- annotations inside editor
- insert Timestamp, Filename, File contents, Defined text (e.g. headers)
- drag & drop text editing
- write protected mode (to avoid accidental overwrite)
- basic regular expression search and replace
- find next/previous word under cursor (without search dialog)
- useful word, line and block editing shortcuts
- rectangular selection (Alt+Mouse)
- zoom functions
- (un)indenting
- (un)commenting
- auto indent
- source beautify (auto indenting blocks)
- you can automatically remove comments from source code
- you can automatically remove empty lines from source code
- auto case source (if was written with no case)
- align DEFINE VARIABLE, ASSIGN lines (beautify)
- check syntax and run source in PROGRESS environment
- bookmarks
- export source as HTML
- color (syntax highlighting) or BW printing
- show line numbers
- show whitespace
- always on top
- if you have selected some word, you can press F1 to call PROGRESS internal help from this editor. (You must define path to PROGRESS help files lgrfeng.hlp or lgrfeng.chm)
- supports Unix (LF), Windows (CRLF) or Mac (CR) line endings
- restore last opened files on start
- open selected string as new file (searching in Propath)
- option to open files in "Write protected mode"
- code explorer - fast navigation through Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Temp-Tables tree
- long line marker
- aliases (abbreviations)
- outside changes detection
- brace highlighting
- UTF-8 encoding support
- full screen editing
- run external tools from editor
- custom profiles

Read more in Readme.txt !

Screen Shot:

Click here to download.
Current version 4.10 (10.02.2014)

What's new:

Possibility to change the font color in code explorer
Parsing of structured files in code explorer (faster, better output, more accurate)
Remember collapsed groups by refreshing code explorer
Ability to expand alias automatic on the spacebar
Auto-completion is now default enabled on each input (turn off if annoying)
Minimal word length to auto-complete is set to 2
Refresh by pressing "Reset style" (in Options: color of buttons & preview)
Double click selection on word don't work on variables with numbers