PUtils is a set of few old utilities for PROGRESS developers that i put in one package:

WinPL - 2.0 (03.05.2016)

WinPL - create or extract PROGRESS PL files (Procedure Libraries). This application can create or extract files stored in PROGRESS PL files (Procedure Libraries). It's much easier as using original PROLIB Utility.


  • It's standalone application (no need for PROGRESS installation)
  • Open and test library
  • Extract files
  • Create library
  • Delete files inside library
  • Library information
  • Defragment library
  • Search files inside library
  • Associate libraries with WinPL
  • Save report about library content
  • Support libraries from PROGRESS version 7-10 and 11

Procedure Explorer - 1.61 (13.08.2014)

This utility show you what programs are called from your PROGRESS source (.p, .w, .i, .r ...) or it can display includes *.i from your rcode (if it's debug segment presented). It support also some defined MFG runtime includes. Application can find sources where is referenced your targed program or can search files up to top of the call stack.

RCode Source Checker - 2.20 (27.02.2022)

This utility can check your sources for these errors or policy:

RCode files:

  • Not Existing: if exist source and includes from RCode
  • Newer: if exist deeper in path newer RCode
  • Duplicate: if exist deeper in path duplicate RCode
  • File CRC: if some source isn't changed from last compilation
  • Database CRC: if Database isn't changed from last compilation

Source files:

  • Not Compiled: if are sources compiled
  • Newer: if exist deeper in path newer source
  • Duplicate: if exist deeper in path duplicate source

RCode Info - 2.00 (26.02.2022)

This utility can extract information from PROGRESS rcode files and save it to the log file for later analyzing. Output is in csv format.

What is extracting:

  • extraction status
  • path to rcode
  • rcode file name
  • rcode version
  • date of compilation (in local format)
  • rcode CRC
  • rcode MD5 (If you use in compiler option GENERATE-MD5=yes)
  • Debug file details (only if you use in compiler option MINIMIZE R-CODE SIZE=no). Always 3 parameters for one file
    • source file from which was rcode compiled
    • path to source file
    • CRC of source file

Encode Cracker - 1.4 (12.12.2018)

This utility is bruteforce cracker for PROGRESS built in Encode function.

DB Dumper - 1.30 (26.06.2012)

DB Dumper can extract defined tables from various DBs to external file. It uses ODBC driver to connect and work with DBs. So you can theoretically use it with any database. (For correct work you must have right ODBC driver of course) The main purpose of this program was migrate some data between PROGRESS and other databases.

Download 221 KB (zip)

Last change 12.12.2018

What's new in this release:

Encode Cracker:

  • After 15 years i recompiled this old tool! It was no more working on modern PC (it was old 16bit DOS app!)
  • Updated text, messages..
  • Don't put zero chars to output file Passwords.txt
  • Status info is now in more readable form
  • New file names (they were confusing)
  • Code was little bit rewritten

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