Version Checker

This application can monitor updates on web pages (version changes) and show it in friendly form. Define what page, what string to look for and if program detects change it will tell you about it. You can also use it for checking exchange rates or any data you want.

How it works?
Program connect to your URL and try find String1 on the page. If found it then search for String2. If found it then search for EndString, from this place is extracted and trimmed new string which is compared with our old value.

Read more in Readme.txt !

Screen Shot:

Just enter strings on your target page to be checked:

Click here to download.
(101 KB, zip, no installation, portable)

Current version 2.0 (07.07.2018)

What's new in this release:


  • Support for compressed web pages
  • Run checks in another thread


  • Whole app rewritten and all sources ported for new version of Visual Studio
  • For run you need Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5


For history changes read Readme.txt.

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