WinPL - create or extract PROGRESS PL files (Procedure Libraries)

This application can create or extract files stored in PROGRESS PL files (Procedure Libraries). It's much easier as using original PROLIB Utility.

- It's standalone application (no need for PROGRESS installation)
- Open and test library
- Extract files
- Create library
- Delete files inside library
- Library information
- Defragment library
- Search files inside library
- Associate libraries with WinPL
- Save report about library content
- Support libraries from PROGRESS version 7-10 and 11

Read more in Readme.txt !

Screen Shot:

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Current version 2.0 (03.05.2016)

What's new:
This version is a completely rewritten, so there can be still bugs!
Added Support for V11 PROGRESS libraries
Find now doesn't select items. F3 for find next, Shift+F3 find previous item
Added Sort columns