What's new

09.09.2016 - Piew 4.70

Added: Support for russian codepage CP866, New functionality Hide lines (Alt + H) Updated: Better description of font charsets (codepages) in editor settings, Code explorer has better synchronization with source (problem with deleting, adding and moving lines), Bookmarking rewrited (added support for more types) Fixed: Initial state for bookmarks icons, Not working Delete Annotation

06.07.2016 - PL Plugin for Total Commander 1.70

Added: crash on writing error log into write protected directory. Now is log created in Total Commander directory and only in case if there is write access

26.06.2016 - Piew 4.60

Added: Move Up/Down Line in Edit/Block section (Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down), Folding for keywords: CONSTRUCTOR & DESTRUCTOR, New style: TASK MARKER. Highlight words ADD DELETE MODIFY TODO when found in comment (case sensitive) Updated: Find string is now global for all opened windows, Default colors in Themes, New icons (application + file associations), New version dll (3.6.6) Fixed: Problems with syntax highlighting when scrolling down in some special cases

03.05.2016 - WinPL 2.0

Added Support for V11 PROGRESS libraries, Find now doesn't select items - F3 for find next, Shift+F3 find previous item, Sort columns

28.03.2016 - P32Dasm 2.8

Only Turkish translation added (TccT)

04.01.2016 - Piew 4.50

Added: Project properties: Custom Check, Run and ProPath (If these settings are empty then default Piew settings are valid), Project properties: Use absolute full path or relative path to sources, Options to Export/Import color themes, Black, gray, white and old Borland/Pascal theme as examples, Random colors on tabs (default on, can be disabled in settings), Comment on preprocessor line is now highlighted, Indent for &IF, &ELSE, &ENDIF and ASSIGN in "Code beautify" function Updated: Examples in syntax.p and run.p, New version dll (3.4.4*) Fixed: Cursor color, Indent for "DO FOR", "TABLE FOR", "WHEN DO" in "Code beautify" function

07.10.2015 - PROGRESS Decompiler 4.00

Added processing of class type segment (in next version maybe some better PROGRESS compatible output), Added CRC file computing for checking if target source was compiled inside investigated rcode, Added ODBC link for V9, Added to output head version from head info segment (V11), Fixed some head info parsing (V11), Fixed browsers with no columns, Fixed statements: 1 (V9), Updated PROGRESS Decompiler Addon - Df2Dbf v1.13 (fixed COLUMN-LABEL bug, TYPE bug), Better hex dump, Source file names from debug segment removed from main screen

10.04.2015 - PROGRESS Decompiler 3.90

Added: Support for V10 64bit, HexViewer: very nice new features + bug fixes, New expressions: 2 (V11), 6 (V10), 3 (V9), New statements: 4 (V11), 5 (V10), 4 (V9), LABLES's to blocks, CATCH processing in blocks, ON ERROR, ON STOP, ON ENDKEY, ON QUIT processing, a lot of improvements Fixed: Better dataset name recovering in some cases Updated: Expressions: 7 (V11), 7 (V10), 1 (V9), Statements: 2 (V11), 5 (V10), 9 (V9), Signature databases reformatted, Rewritten structures for segment tables, Recovering EXTENT for some variables, Recovering ODBC fields with generic name if no dump is available, Improved Expression processing

06.01.2015 - Piew 4.40

Added: Window docking system, "Clone File" - window splitter, "Copy Filename" and "Copy Full Path" to tab context menu, Projects support Updated: Syntax highlighter to Openedge 11.4, File extension names in registry changed Fixed: Bug with empty space on the end of command line

22.10.2014 - PROGRESS Decompiler 3.80

Added: List of published events, Detections of Triggers, Class referenced types recovering (V10, V11), Class recovering (V10), Buffers, DataSource definition (procedure start), Extent recovering for functions definition, MemPtr definition, NEW GLOBAL flag definition, Fixed: using of DEBUG info, V6 variable duplication Updated: PROGRESS Decompiler Addon - Key2Name v1.1, Data types, Parsing for V11 HeadInfo, Better recovering Indexes from Temp Tables (V9, V10), Better FrameLink processing, Better ON processing, A lot of internal code was heavy rewritted (structures etc ...)

13.08.2014 - Procedure Explorer 1.61

Updated Removing packing to avoid false positive virus detection, Changed contact and homepage information

03.12.2013 - Miner II 1.0

Added new game, MinerVGA Remake

17.04.2013 - Dot Net String Decoder 1.10

New Explorer for code navigation, New Disassembler, Added command line and Drag & Drop Support, Small fixes, Remember last window position, Better columns resizing, Exports to text files, a lot of new functionality

26.06.2012 - DB Dumper 1.30

Add: WHERE condition parameter

28.12.2011 - PROGRESS XDecode 1.5

Added: Added directory refresh, Decode files to subdirectory (don't create *.dec files) Fixed: Bug with RTF formating, Bug with deleted directory

13.09.2011 - RCode Info 1.0

Added new tool

15.11.2010 - VB6 Data Environment File Parser 1.10

Added Added support for text stored in form files, Drag and Drop is moved to Text box

19.03.2010 - DARKER's Enabler 1.1

Added: current object under mouse cursor is selected in tree Fixed: some rare crash Updated: changed font for treeview and process list to Tahoma and set font charset to system default, now should be regional strings better displayed

23.09.2009 - File Mapper 1.2

Don't show non existing favorites, Add and refresh favorites after Save As, Added colorize strings, Replace function, Rewritten dialog box routines (Open, Save, Font, Color), Removed COMDLG32.OCX reference, Reset project file name after loading new file

26.07.2009 - HexComp 1.0

Added new tool

10.05.2009 - TaskLogger 1.1

Fixed: problem with formatting time hhh:mm:ss (M$ bug), show actual task name on stop, Added: don't reset time on stop - so you can see last elapsed time, reset don't delete log file anymore (you can do it manually), save task name after change (not after stop)