What's new

17.11.2016 - FileTractor 1.60

Updated: whole app rewrited, added command line options, make backup option, use LF instead CRLF line endings

26.10.2016 - Piew 4.80

Added: Support for Single-line comments (OpenEdge v11.6), XML beautifier, New type of braces <> for automatic brace matching, New predefined themes for HTML, XML and TEXT files (black, gray, white & Pascal theme), Each theme has now your own Selection & Current line color, Slightly different background color for HTML embedded scripts Updated: New version dll (, Heavy rewritten and simplified highlighting styles, Updated state of Tools icons (enabled / disabled) based on current highlighter, Rewritten "Remove comments", now it's based on current syntax highlighter, Fixed: Import/export HTML, XML and TEXT themes, Bug that char "9" cause end of keyword, Export source to HTML

09.09.2016 - Piew 4.70

Added: Support for russian codepage CP866, New functionality Hide lines (Alt + H) Updated: Better description of font charsets (codepages) in editor settings, Code explorer has better synchronization with source (problem with deleting, adding and moving lines), Bookmarking rewrited (added support for more types) Fixed: Initial state for bookmarks icons, Not working Delete Annotation

06.07.2016 - PL Plugin for Total Commander 1.70

Added: crash on writing error log into write protected directory. Now is log created in Total Commander directory and only in case if there is write access

26.06.2016 - Piew 4.60

Added: Move Up/Down Line in Edit/Block section (Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down), Folding for keywords: CONSTRUCTOR & DESTRUCTOR, New style: TASK MARKER. Highlight words ADD DELETE MODIFY TODO when found in comment (case sensitive) Updated: Find string is now global for all opened windows, Default colors in Themes, New icons (application + file associations), New version dll (3.6.6) Fixed: Problems with syntax highlighting when scrolling down in some special cases

03.05.2016 - WinPL 2.0

Added Support for V11 PROGRESS libraries, Find now doesn't select items - F3 for find next, Shift+F3 find previous item, Sort columns

28.03.2016 - P32Dasm 2.8

Only Turkish translation added (TccT)

04.01.2016 - Piew 4.50

Added: Project properties: Custom Check, Run and ProPath (If these settings are empty then default Piew settings are valid), Project properties: Use absolute full path or relative path to sources, Options to Export/Import color themes, Black, gray, white and old Borland/Pascal theme as examples, Random colors on tabs (default on, can be disabled in settings), Comment on preprocessor line is now highlighted, Indent for &IF, &ELSE, &ENDIF and ASSIGN in "Code beautify" function Updated: Examples in syntax.p and run.p, New version dll (3.4.4*) Fixed: Cursor color, Indent for "DO FOR", "TABLE FOR", "WHEN DO" in "Code beautify" function