Did you lose your original 4GL/ABL source code and you have only backup encrypted with PROGRESS Software Xcode utility? Here you can recover your original source back to readable form. Decoded source (*.p, *.w, *.i) files are identical with the original source.

Services provided:

  • Recovery files coded without password (using XCODE utility with default key)
  • Recovery files coded with known password (setting parameter -k Password in XCODE utility)
  • Recovery files with unknown password (you don't remember password, this take of course some time and result is not guaranteed)
  • Recovery xcoded files damaged by ftp transfer, platform copying... (result is not guaranteed)

Please remember that recovering of applications that you are not the lawful copyright holder is strictly prohibited. You may use this service to recover only your own applications for which you are the copyright holder.

Progress Software Corporation does not endorse, approve or certify the information provided on this Website.


  • Price is about 10 EUR/~15 USD per file, but it depend on quantity
  • By unknown password can be price little bit expensiver
  • If you have more files there is discount and price get down (up to 1 EUR/2 USD per file for huge pack)

Contact and more informations at: Please add my mail address to your junk mail whitelist to ensure that our correspondence reaches you. If you have contacted us but not received a reply, check your junk mail folder first. I reply on each email.


Application is NOT available for download (paid service)

Current version 2.00 - (01.11.2019)

What's new in this release:


  • syntax highlighter for PROGRESS
  • view raw file mode
  • keyword checks
  • bad chars checks
  • subfolders processing
  • don't create output files mode
  • log file
  • calculate file CRC function


  • Application rewritten to .NET

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